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Big Red Tomato Packers has led the way in food safety standards as well. Before food safety practices were mandated by regulatory agencies, farm and packing facility workers handled all products with gloved hands. Government standards have improved over the years and Big Red continually meets or exceeds all standards. Managers, both on the farm and in the packing house, have been trained and certified on all food safety policies. Big Red's entire property is fenced with 32 remote cameras to ensure security.

The facility has been audited annually by AIB International since 1998. In November 2011, Big Red changed auditing provider to Primus Labs. Primus is a leader in protecting the safety of the food supply chain. Big Red and our farms 2016-2017 audits produced a “Superior” food safety rating according to Primus GFS. In addition to Primus GFS, Big Red’s facility and farms scored “superior” from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Harmonized Produce GAP audit in December 2016.