Big Red Tomato Packers was founded when Roy L. Neill left the tobacco fields of North Carolina for the farms of sunny Homestead, Florida.  A farm manager for years, Roy welcomed an opportunity to operate his own farm in Fort Pierce.  In 1944, Roy moved the family north to Fort Pierce where he started farming on his own.

Roy worked hard all his life and instilled a strong work ethic in his sons, David, Richard, Bobby and Kenneth.  In 1977, Roy, Kenneth, Richard and David joined with the Caruso Family to form Big Red Tomato Packers.  The Caruso family, or Blue Bird Citrus, were already established in agriculture as the largest single strength grapefruit processor in Florida.  Joseph Caruso Sr.’s love of farming, combined with the Neill’s farming expertise, lead to the creation of a family owned, sustainable farming and packing operation that is growing into the 21st century.